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:P can't sleep.

any obscure refrences should be ignored, cuz i'm tired.

one should never give up on people. There's too many of them.

Disliking somone you haven't seen in a long time usually means the reason for disliking them no longer exists, and the thing you hate is just some image in your head you've made of them that amplifies their bad characteristics, and glosses over the good. (no matter how minisule it may be)

never be afraid to be alone. sometimes it's easier to think that way.

Never be afraid to slow down and smell the roses. Unless they're roses covered in Anthrax that fire lasers. Then you're like....totaly dead.

That's all. :)

"hey Tom, it's for you."
*hands phone*


"Hi Tom?"


"This is Tom?"


"This is Meg"

"Pardon me?"

"This is Meg (something something)"

"Oh yea? Meg?"

"Yea. Do you know a somebody named Clair (Something Something)"

"Uh...yea, vaguely"

"Well I was calling because she has a crush on you, and she wanted me to tell you."

"Oh, uh...okay"

"Yea, so if you could talk to her in the halls or something, she'd really like that."

"Oh...uh...well...Okay I will."


Cake or Death!

My week in a nutshell

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So the other day i was asleep. (night >.>) and i woke up suddenly, because i had been sleeping chest down on my bed, with my arms under my pillow which had made them fall asleep.

so i'm about half awake

(this is as best as i can remember)

so i wake up, and sort of realize something is wrong with my arms.

"waaa? why aren't my arms......"

I turn over on my side and drag my arms out from my pillow. and try to move them.


i think for a moment...still not totally grasping what exactly is happening, but i decide to play up to drama for a moment. i sit up on my bed so i'm kneeling on my water bed with my arms draped at my side.

"Move your arm. Move your arm. MOVE your arm." (kill bill was the first thing to come to mind i suppose.)

After failing to move my body through sheer force of will i attempted other tactics.

"FOOL! I own you! and i shall bend you to my will!" Nothing, my arms are surprisingly silent against this epic verbal assault "Do not Tempt me! Move! Or you shall suffer dire consequences!"

Again, i recive no response from my arms. finally i get to the point of ultimate frustration.


at which point my arms started to wake up a little, so i went to sleep.

Hope you all have a good week!

I love the poetry of life. The steady rhythm by which everything seems to move. you know what i mean right?

Right now my life in general is pretty good. I got my computer back a week ago, so i've been having a bit of a World of Warcraft Bonanza over the past week (so i can get to level 70 XD ) so i can get to know my guild again. (3 months of no contact can numb some relatioships, especially over the internet...but you already would know that wouldn't you?)(why am i using you? i don't even know whos reading this! XDXD)

anyway...this is just a post to say i'm still alive n' stuff. that and...

I NEED to see people. after 3 months of incarceration in my house i'm tired of staying home on the weekends. Doesn't matter who. I need to rebuild relationships that i've been missing out on.

I love every single one of you! (that actually reads my posts XD)

What's a good word for the equivalent of a montage in text form? Cuz that's what i'm abouts a throw on you!

Fickle is the only adjective i can use to properly define it.

Connection is really stupid. I can only associate with the new members because all the old members have their minds made up about me.

I really wish i could get back on WoW. I miss my guild and all the friends i had made. they were all very cool people.

I tried and failed to draw my self portrait again.

Scrubs in a good show. Always a nice message at the end of it. And Michael J. Fox was in 2 episodes (With OCD XD).

Some people need to stop looking around and focus on what they have.


Seems to me i'm losing friends. Not cuz i want to. i want to say that people have the wrong perception about me, but really can't say i actually know why.

Just because it's something I'm doing doesn't mean something will go wrong.

People don't Trust me. Dunno why.

I can't Remember my Password for World Of Warcraft

Sorry about the Emo posting, but this last week has been tough, because i've had to be around the connection. It always seems to find a way to ruin a perfectly good day. I really detest what most of the connection does. (rant incoming) For the most part, it seems as though most everyone in connection takes me too seriously...like i can't make a joke. i never get a reaction of "that wasn't funny" it's more "wait, was that supposed to be funny?" It's rather annoying to say the least.

I'll be totally honest, I haven't had any fun for the last week and a half. Life seems completly lame right now, and my parents certainly aren't helping. In addition, there seem to be some things in my life that seem to be going the wrong way. I won't say what, but for me there seem to be some things that seem like they really should happen in a certain manner but haven't.

I said this last year of school would suck.

I hate it when i'm right sometimes

In the tradition of my last post all i gotta say is: Our government is broken. Apparently i'm supposed to have a choise about who gets elected.....but before i even get into the voting i'm already limited to one of two people. sure i get to choose one of those two people, but even then i'll have to accept the fact that the person i'll vote for only favors a few of the things i do.

Seems pretty screwed up if a person that doesn't strictly adhear to one party or another can't vote for someone that believes the things he does. (and it's not like i'd actually get an independent into office)

You Are a "Don't Tread On Me" Libertarian

You distrust the government, are fiercely independent, and don't belong in either party.
Religion and politics should never mix, in your opinion... and you feel opressed by both.
You don't want the government to cramp your self made style. Or anyone else's for that matter.
You're proud to say that you're pro-choice on absolutely everything!

I'm a Libertarian! I'm gonna go Libertate some one now!

And So, it's all come to and end. I got a good punch in the Face (and a sore jaw) and it seems like things may be close to normal. It's good to know that some peeps out there are willing to talk to me again. (i'll do my best to be a normal kid i promise!)

(the Circle of.....Drama!)

Hey Speaking of Drama...I'm in a play! you all should come and see! it's on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday next week! IT's going to be really bad....but you all should come anyway! It's Grease BTW

um....all of my senteces have ended in an Exclimation point...except one...Hmmmmm....

*Dance Dance*

and now for all your entertainment...it's this!


I got my License!

Huzzah for me!

hey....i know hardly anyone actually reads my LJ...but this is the only thing i can do about this little thing i discovered....


go here....watch the whole thing.

then go here:


and do something.

also...since no one reads this LJ, i'm counting on you peeps to spread the word.

Never have i seen so many human orafices biten by reptiles.

Be Freakin movie ever....

The crowd was Awesome too....the cacophony that erupted the moment Samuel L. Jackson uttered those amzing words.....we missed the next 30 seconds of movie.

For your enjoyment i will post an assortment of Snakes on a Plane Themed YTMNDS


ya'll need to see them. Especially you Arif. YTMND.com is your kinda thing.

today, i feel a little sick.

and i know why.

Cuz i'm stupid.

I learned a very important lesson today.

so today i learned 2 very important things...

A) A Giving a Bunch of Stickers to bored Fast food workers that say "Take Me!" on them is not a good idea. (especially with MY co-workers

B) The Take 5 Mcflurry is Fantastic. Now, imagine the Take 5 Mcflurry With Chocolate ice cream! Stupid idea? OR the BEST MCFLURRY EVER?!

all of you people should get one, especially get one at the Mc Donalds by Birdy's house....Cuz that's where it work!

So The Coolest person ever A.K.A. Tim Grady and I (inspired by scientology) MAde our own religion.

it's called Gatesisism, that our Coultology....Molisism...Fridisocticsm.... one of those names anyway.

The whole goal of this is to make money...errrr...

Okay, so in order to be apart of the Church of Gatesisistic society of Earth, you must give enormous sums of money to us, because 10 miles underneath New York city, happens to be a certain city, inhabited by Mole people. Now, we plan (using the enormous sums of money, given to Us by you)to dig i hole 50 feet wide down to the Moletropolis. At this point we would use the enormous sums of money to Buy back all the souls of mankind, which the Mole people have been Hoarding for 10,000 years. You see, since the dawn of Time, all souls were controled by the Benevolent Mole people, until that fateful day.

In one instant, the Benevolent Mole King, was slain by his 4th closest advisor or a Hobo (the Scriptures that denoted this information have been lost but we're guessing that it's one of those). With the death of the Mole king, (and all the entire royal Mole family, and all the kings adviser, who commited suicide upon hearing the news...He was REALLY REALLY Benevolent) it left but one person to Rule.
The Benevolent Mole king's evil brother! The very day he immediatly stopped the kind and benevolent giving of souls to humans. But it wasn't actuallt the mole king's brother it was....


And so till this day Ann Coulter has ruled the once kind mole people with an Iron Fist.

The Goal of the Church of Gatesisim is to Buy back all of the souls of mankind, defeat the Evil Ann Coulter, and solve all the problems of tha world. Also, if we have enough of the Enormus Sums of Money© left after we save the world from Ann Coulter, every member will receive a puppy.

This is your Enemy Gatsenites!

Hey! To everyone who's Grad party i didn't party i didn't make it to, I'm sorry! I got schedualed to work that day, and i never had an opportunity to change it.

So there ya go, sorry everybody!

Man, that's like the story of my life. =D


Matt? HAve you ever seen a face explode from sheer awesomeness? OR somebody scream themselves into oblivion due to sheer ocular overload? How about douse themselves in gaseoline, set themselves aflame while chanting cabalistic chants because their mind was blown an infinite number of times whithin a single instant? Well, that's what this game does...ALL THAT THE SAME TIME!!!!111!!11one The sheer magnitude of it is sometimes too much for 1 human alone to withstand, let alone play. There was even this one time that Moses, Hitler and I were playing it, and while i was beating the first boss, hitler was like "Wow! if games like these exist, then maybe Jews aren't so bad!" and after that Moses turned to me and was like "Yea, i think we got the point across."

That and i'm finally getting around to reading the last two harry potter books now! (cuz, know...i haven't been carrying it around with me for the last two days....) I'm loving it alot so far. Plots pretty awesome.

On that note, i need something new to read (after i finish the short list of things on my list A) Harry Potter 4 B) A Separate Peace C) Fruits Basket 9) And after those, i've got nothing 'cept maybe half blood prince.

I need some new book type stuff to read! Gimme some ideas people!

This journal Was starting out completely wrong, so i'm starting over.

Much Better!

I do believe what i said in my last dastardly post does have some relevance however....here's the summary...

Me and some of my friends are getting tired of seeing humanity prove to every pessimist out there that humans are stupid and evil, so we are doing something about it.

I feel like i've been misrepresenting myself to alot of people lately by arguing in certain ways, and trying to explain things to certain people.

I've changed alot, and i'm not Conservative anymore.


and Finally, i've be doing alotta thinking about how i've acted in regards to a few things over the past few months, and i realize what i did wrong. (from my perspective anyway...) And don't worry, anybody that that last statement pertains to will know, any if you don't know what the heck i'm talking about, don't worry.

Ummmm......okay..not negative...

gah...i can't do it...

I really need a little something to get me up right now, cuz my weekend was pretty lame (except for Friday!), and i'm getting hit pretty hard with stuff i know shouldn't hurt.

Hindsight and memory are curses of humanity.

Time for a Poem, right now!

/me enters poetic mode

I'm a Freaking Boat.

Drifting like some Faere on a sea
Of insubstantial memories.
Guided by the tug of a hope.

Not a bad existence
being a Boat.
The memories pull and push
But that bit of hope keeps me moving
No matter how bogged down i get.

Being a Boat is stupid.
I'm a victim of the waves.
if something splashes over, i start to sink.

The sun is off in the distance there.
And i'm looking at it.
I guess i got to close to the sun, because now it's a goal.

I liked being near the sun, because it was never night time
then again, it was pretty hot.

I wanna say it doesn't matter to me, but it does.
I boat needs to keep it's keel in the water
And stay upright.

Time to dance.
But i'm a boat.

/me ends poetry time

That was interesting. Fastest serious poem I've ever written that's for sure....(5 minutes, 24 seconds)

well, that helped i guess. Gimme a call sometime guys, cuz after this Ultra-boring weekend i'm gettin lonely.

Have a Happy Day! Hope Tomorrow's Better for all of you!

( i think i just found a new signature type thing...hrmmm....Have a Happy Day! Hope Tomorrow is Better!....yea..i like that.)

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